Out and About in LA: The California Science Center

If all of you remember, last year at Christmas I went to the California Science Center for a party at my new job. I was able to see the majesty that is the Space Shuttle Endeavour and some Kelp. But not much else which was a bit of a bummer. But now, thanks to this place being free, I can go in the Center any time I want and enjoy more of the place.

Gotta be honest, this was more kid friendly then to my liking. I mean if I was 6 years old I would’ve loved this place. But I’m actually twenty-six so a lot of this stuff was either things I already knew before going in or the place was dumbing things down way too much for adults. But hey, if you have children it’s a great stepping stone for them to learn things like ecology or space so it’s a recommendation. If you want more of a bite with your nature museums then literally go right behind this place and walk into the Natural History Museum. Or why not go next door and see the LA Coliseum? There’s a lot of great attractions in this one area of LA and since it is so close to the subway you can have a day or two with anyone and enjoy some good old history.

But for now, enjoy a sampling of what the California Science Center has to offer:


Space Sculpture

F-20 Fighter

Hubble Telescope model
Chandra Space Telescope model

Apollo capsule

Viking Lander model
Gemini 11

Project Mercury spacesuit
Apollo spacesuit
What better way to show structures than with K’Nex?

Signs this might be a bit outdated: Look at this futuristic Television set!

Farm Aid?
Jake Johnson?

Willie Nelson? What is this?

Ohhh it’s a stupid promotion about Environmentalism…

Wright Bros plane model

Propellor model

Human Heart model

That guy REALLY loves this apple

Dog Heart model




Polar Bear, or how I sleep at night

Turkey Vulture


Rot Room, aka My Room

Rotting Pig with Maggots


Fish with Starfish

Big Tank

Big Tank Pt.2

Tube Tank

Cal State Solar Car
Twerking Crash Dummy

Creepy Baby Crash Dummy
An Infrared Selfie


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