Great Movie Scenes #017: Once (2007)

It’s close to Valentine’s Day here in the year 2016. As a single male myself I find no reason to really celebrate this corporate day of love. But hey, this is the time for all you lovers to go out and showcase your bond. So who am I to judge? What I can do is set the mood for all of you. So below is probably the most romantic and heart wrenching song in this new millennium of film:

Sung beautifully by two remarkable, European singers this iconic song happens pretty early in the film. But it sets the tone for the picture and boy does it put you through an emotional roller coaster.

Funny story though I’ll always associate with this film and this song. I first saw this film a few years ago in a film class during college so this is long before this became a hit, Tony award winning musical. Most of the people who got to see this in the class was not familiar with it, and neither have I shockingly, so we were going into this cold. I promise you: Not a single woman in the room could hold back their tears. You could hear the sniffling and the slight sobbing by the time the lights went up right around the class over. I don’t think I have ever seen something so effective before or since in hitting that kind of mark with the audience. God knows what the stage adaptation will do to someone if seen live.


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