Out and About in LA: Power Rangers

There are a lot of shows that helped shape my childhood. But one stands out in being the most action packed and that would be Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I can remember sitting at home in Philadelphia at like five years old and watch a bunch of adults jump kicking and sword swiping their way of monsters in rubber suits. I can remember during middle school recess reenacting those moves with classmates and being scolded by teachers for acting out violence. What’s funny is I never got pass the original series and judging the wikipedia page I missed A LOT. But there is no denying the huge impact the original series had on everybody.

That’s why when I heard an art gallery was dedicating an entire show of Power Rangers art I had to go over. It took place in the Alhambra neighborhood of East LA  in a gallery called Nucleus. Judging the place itself it’s a pretty neat, pop art nerd haven. It also looks like they have these kind of retrospective art pieces on children’s programs all the time. So this will not be the last I venture to this place that is for sure. But for now enjoy a taste of the art show that has passed by the time you read this. (If you enjoy the art though they do offer prints at the store or through their website so don’t fret if you feel jaded on missing out.)







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