Today in Photoshop: Funhaus Stooges

Welcome to another addition of Today in Photoshop. Today we have my second ever attempt at this and also another Funhaus appreciation.
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Out and About in LA: Little Tokyo

Welcome back to our second straight week of enjoying the Asian side of Los Angeles. Last week was Koreatown and this week we are going to the aptly named Little Tokyo. (Don’t forget I visited Chinatown way back when last summer.) I honestly was not prepared for how incredibly tiny this neighborhood is. Considering how close we are, or relative anyways, to Japan I expected a neighborhood solely dedicated to the Japanese be much bigger. But to be honest it is about maybe two blocks wide and long so it is honestly not as impressive as I thought it was gonna be. But hey, I still had fun walking around the neighborhood and as you’ll see there is just enough here to enjoy a light afternoon. Or if you want hit this place up and go to one of the many other locales right smack dab in this area of LA. For now enjoy what Little Tokyo has to offer below:
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Great Movie Scenes #018: 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1995)

Michael Haneke is a very frustrating man. His films never have a cheery disposition and every time you finish one of his movies you need to take a nice, cold shower. From his first film to what he’ll bring the rest of his career I very much doubt we’ll use the word ‘happy’ in a review. But there is no denying he is a brilliant filmmaker and one of the things I personally like about him is how he loves to keep the frame on one place for long stretches of time. For example check out an excerpt from an early feature of his called 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance:
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Today in Photoshop: The Great Kovic


A few days ago I finally got my hands on Adobe Photoshop. If you aren’t aware, Photoshop is software where you can manipulate any image of your choosing. Think of it as a Picture Editor in the same way Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro is a Video Editor. It might seem like an oddly specific thing to master but Photoshop is HIGHLY regarded in the field of production today. Heck, a lot of jobs I miss out on because I am not really a slight master of it. So with this new series I will periodically showcase my creations to you all. In hopes that A) You find them entertaining but B) to show my evolution with this program.
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Out and About in LA: Koreatown

You guys might remember last summer I went to Chinatown for a hot afternoon. It was a fun experience but it is not the only, Asian-centric neighborhood in Los Angeles. So that’s why these next two weeks I will be exploring the other neighborhoods that have an Asian flare to them. Today I explored Koreatown which is just southeast of Hollywood (as you’ll see it’s closer then you expect). Koreatown is known for it incredible food and nightclubs; the former I tried while the latter is a no chance in hell situation. (You’ll never see this booty bounce.) Anyways, there is more to K-Town then just the food so let me give you some of the sights that populate this area:
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Favorite Films: Crumb (1994)

Last year I did a year long feature on my top twenty five favorite films (or at least as of 2016). There was a lot of contenders and it did take me a long time for figure out what is the best of the best. Luckily even with a list finalized that means there are more films to discuss in the future. So this post starts a semi-new series of discussing what are my favorite films outside of the top twenty-five.

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Out and About in LA: The California Science Center

If all of you remember, last year at Christmas I went to the California Science Center for a party at my new job. I was able to see the majesty that is the Space Shuttle Endeavour and some Kelp. But not much else which was a bit of a bummer. But now, thanks to this place being free, I can go in the Center any time I want and enjoy more of the place.
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