Great Movie Scenes #016: Fargo (1996)

The TV show “adaptation” of the hit film Fargo has turned my world upside down. Not only is it the most well written, and incredibly cast show, but it enhances the original source for some strange reason. It’s not like there is a real connection between the characters but it somehow makes this area of America captivating. But before we got the show giving us literally gold coming out of character’s mouths we would get moments like this in the film:

There’s a lot of great jokes and character beats in the Coen Brothers film but this scene above is my favorite. It puts all of the Minnesota nice accents and bizarre  goings-on in a nice bow. I have no idea who Bain Boehlke is and if his accent is legit; but god damn it every time he opens his mouth I cannot stop smiling. The cadences and the little tics he puts into this performance is just perfect. We learn so much about this man as he advances the plot and also trying to explain how this ‘little guy’ (Steve Buscemi) made him uneasy. All the while Cliff Rakerd, playing the cop, barely utters more than a syllable or two response.

If given the chance I would rather have followed this dude for a whole movie. What on earth could his life be like in this seemingly dull and cold wasteland that is Minnesota? (No offense fellow Minnesota readers) Honestly I don’t think a scene like this could fly on the TV show. Even the silliest of characters have depth and can speak better English. But does anyone talk like this old coot? No. Which is why he is a definition of a perfect human being in my eyes.


One thought on “Great Movie Scenes #016: Fargo (1996)

  1. Huh, whadayaknow… Thanks for sharing. Now I want to check it out.

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