The Art of Let’s Plays

(The cover photo, ‘Whose Side Are You On?’ is brought to you by Reddit user blaze_holejammer. Thanks for your incredible dedication to these Let’s Players!)

On the first generation God created the Atari and on the eight generation he created the PS4. In that span of time many things changed in the video game industry. Consoles have turned into ‘entertainment systems’, webcams & streaming services have changed how we view our devices, and now we have industries dedicated to watching people play games. That’s right, we as a society can go online and watch people play video games. What a time to be alive.

I’ve been playing video games my whole live. I started with a NES in the early nineties and have now gotten into the future with a PS4. In that time I have played hundreds of games and also sweared like a sailor. While doing all of that I never expected to make a career out of being a gamer. Go on YouTube right now and type ‘Let’s Play’ and you’ll see exactly that: Gamers getting a paycheck for playing games.

Most people will probably laugh at that notion. Who on Earth, they ask, would wanna sit and watch people play video games? Well apparently this new generation of kids and people my age will because the biggest of channels on YouTube can average at least a million views per video. Somehow we have hit the perfect form of entertainment as watching people play a VARIETY of games can bring more fun than seeing ABC’s Wednesday Night line up.

Those same naysayers do not understand there are more to these Let’s Play channels than the games. There’s personalities to these men and women with the goal of trying to make you laugh or enhance the entertainment. A good amount rely on ‘toilet’ or ‘jock’ humor but there are a good handful of people who want to be clever with their entertainment. Whether it be with more sophisticated jokes, editing/photoshop techniques, or even going outside of playing games we can say with a straight face these people are legit entertainers.

So, enough defending of these channels. Why not show you a taste of some of the heavy hitters to try it out on yourself?


Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter

Subscribers: 8.4 Million (RT)/3.8 Million (Achievement Hunter/Let’s Play)

Subscribe to Rooster Teeth Here

Subscribe to Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play Here….and HERE.


Scrobblers: 840,000+

You can Sub-Scrobble Here.


Subscribers: 11,000,000

See his next videos always by clicking Here.


Subscribers: 8,000,000

Punch the Subscribe Button in the Face, Like a Boss Here.

Game Grumps

Subscribers: 2.9 Million

Be a Grump, or Not So Grump, by Subscribing Here.


Those are some of my favorite channels I frequent and you can see why they are all entertaining in their own way. Look at how similar they are though: They want to make people laugh, they have a mix of casual/expert gamers, and they have some of the most dedicated fanbase I’ve seen. Every one of these channels have people animated their exploits by their fans and that is so much dedication to literally sit and work on something involving a group of guys/gals playing a video game. Except if you’re a company like Rooster Teeth who are literally making a mini empire full of animated/live action shows and also have a big movie out in theaters now (Lazer Team).

It’s an avenue that has made me realize I want to be apart of. Cause apart from filmmaking what else am I good at? Video Games. I mean I don’t claim to be an expert but if I could entertain the masses by playing GTA or Minecraft for a living I would be a happy man. If you are one of those naysayers I say play one of the videos above to see if you still are against this idea. I seriously think these kind of videos, and YouTube as a whole, is the real future of entertainment. Especially for our ADHD mentality with today’s generation.


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