Great Movie Scenes #015: The Mask (1994)

If you want a great example of what made Jim Carrey hot shit during the 1990s look no further than this musical moment in The Mask:

When you first watch this you don’t see this moment coming. I mean this Mask persona can do anything he wants…But to suddenly turn a non-musical into a musical for a few minutes? As a kid that was a revelation to me. At that point I never saw a movie that took so many risks and also try so hard to be different from so many other comedies. Honestly it reminds me a lot of what Family Guy is/was in its heyday. You can totally see a character like Peter Griffin suddenly go into a song to get out of a jam.

Maybe the film overall hasn’t aged well, especially in regards to the CGI. (That scream in the clip above? Woof.) But a scene like this shows how much energy and legit comedy chops a guy like Jim Carrey brought. People either forget, or wasn’t born at a time where Carrey was literally the funniest human being on the planet. In the 1990s he was hot shit but now, in 2016, he’s just shit.


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