The Most Extreme Work Tour II

Remember when I should you guys a sick tour  of my job back in the summer? Well with me being in a hot new spot I decided to give you another kick ass ride around the offices! You’ve all seen it on your TV, computers, laptops, phones, and what have yous. Here’s a look at what makes TMZ run like clockwork

Look at that kitchen!



FRUIT!?….Eh that’s okay…

But look at that variety of snacks and drinks! I could have all the soda and Coolhaus sandwiches I want! All with the handy tool of this sexy…


Not only that but these guys love their…JOLLY RANCHERS!!!!!!!!111!!!
Plus more candy! The ratio to non-diabetic workers to diabetic must be staggering….


That’s it! Hope you had fun seeing what fuels these guys to deliver you 24/7 content to your favorite celebrities and public figures. If you excuse me I have a bowl of Jolly Ranchers to swim around ala Scrooge McDuck.


One thought on “The Most Extreme Work Tour II

  1. Great blog! I loved the insiders tour… and especially the jolly ranchers. Keep up the good stories!

    Liked by 1 person

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