Out and About in California: Slab City

Here I am, back in Niland. There is more to the place than Salvation Mountain although it probably is the only ‘colorful’ thing about the area. Just next to the famed artwork is an area called ‘Slab City’. Labeled as ‘The Last Free City’ it basically means a lot of squatters living in the desert to avoid taxes and modern day life. The next series of pictures is the environment these Slabbers live in and some of the artwork they create.

Out of the many ‘Welcome’ markers that advises residents to throw their things away.
Gonna notice two trends: #1 Trailer Homes

#2: Garbage (and how its sometimes made for art)

Probably the pimpest person in the Slab
The Range, a hip club for the Slabbers. Didn’t stay to see what the headlining band was.

Garbage is used for art but it is all mostly like this. Just thrown around and  left around. Lord knows what kind of shots people need before living here.
Slab City’s speed limit signs

I salute for your service but I will decline a stay at ‘Chateau Relaxo’
I mean…there must be a Goodwill around here. Right?

Probably the pudgiest Batman I’ve ever seen
Not sure what this is

Even the artwork is creepy
I COULD have gotten out to look at this sculpture garden but…Well at this point you would notice no physical person is in any of these photos. I could hear them but, like a horror movie, you couldn’t see anyone. At this point I decided to turn around and hoped I could get away quickly.

Didn’t get on the train but you get the idea.


So there you have it: Slab City. If that is the type of living one has in a ‘free’ America then sign me up for Big Brother. Cause Slab City is the grossest, scariest place I’ve ever been apart of. I don’t know if the pictures convey just how remote and downright creepy the place is. I am sure there are good people living here but god damn it nothing about the area made me comfortable. If you ever want to experience what a horror movie is like in real life I am sure Slab City can accommodate.


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