The Worst Films of 2015

This is coming out a little late than usual but here is what I considered the WORST of the worst in film from 2015. Stay tuned next weekend for what will ultimately be the best of the previous year.

5Years5) The Last Five Years

-A musical with a tired hook after the first couple of songs, not even another great performance by Anna Kendrick can save this slog of a romance.


4) Lost River

-Trying way too hard to be Nicolas Winding Refn film rolled in a David Lynch nightmare. There is a good sign that Ryan Gosling might be a competent filmmaker if he tries to find more of an original voice. As it stands this is a poor comparison to what makes his influences great.


3) Unfriended

-A film about thirty minutes too long this is yet another horror film with a decent premise but poor execution. Unlikable characters, a silly premise, and poorly defined rules make this ghost story dead on arrival.


2) The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

-Do I really need to spell it out? A sequel to an already poor horror film, this WWII-period piece adds nothing to the ghost genre. It gets some points for it’s setting but the usual horror tropes make this a snore of a film.


1) Taken 3

-With a tagline of ‘IT ENDS HERE’ it better be for all parties involved. Liam Neeson is literally getting too old for this as he hobbles from set piece to set piece. But the biggest issue with this third entry is having some of the worst direction and editing I’ve ever witnessed. You will wind up feeling very ill when trying to view even the simplest of set pieces. The only time I decided to give this film a second try is when comedian Doug Benson roasted it months later ala MST3K style (The Benson Interruption at The Cinefamily). That is the ONLY way I could recommend watch this slop and ultimately the worst film of 2015.


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