Out and About in California: Salvation Mountain

Holy crap it is 2016! Which means I have been in Los Angeles for nine months now. Absolute insanity. I still have a job and my future is still looking bright moving out here. But just because I have a professional life doesn’t mean I’ve given up traveling around. This year I resolve to go outside of LA though and explore this vast area we call the West. But we’ll take it one step at a time and stay in the general, Southern California area.

So join me for my first venture of 2016. Join me at SALVATION MOUNTAIN

Salvation Mountain is a solid 3 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles. It lies in Niland, California which is practically in the middle of nowhere in the Colorado Desert. Why artist Leonard Knight thought God would be able to see such a monument in the desert is anyone’s guess. But by the time you see what Salvation Mountain is you will sort of get what the man was going for. Before that it was a very long and tedious ride I must admit. Until I got to here:

The Salton Sea
I couldn’t tell you how this area was formed and what goes on with the communities around it. But, given time, I will come back here to look around it. My pictures might not do the huge sea justice. I’m not even that kind of person who loves taking pictures of the beach/sea but even I was awed. I mean look at this:
Just gorgeous

And then back to desert  

The Entrance to Salvation Mountain. 

A few vehicles littered with artwork and religious talk

Behold! Salvation Mountain! 

I mean does my mailman need to know I am a sinner?

Looks like the flowers melted a bit… 

I feel like the heart is a bit misleading…

Salvation Mountain is always a work in progress 

I wonder if this was around in the 1960s would The Beatles have been influenced by this?

Next set of images are little enclaves inside the mountain itself 


Finally views on top of the mountain  
See those trailer parks in the distance? They are apart of a community that are pretty famous around these parts. But I will save them for another post come next week.


So there you have it. Was the 3 1/2 hour ride back and forth to see this thing worth it? I say it is a little bit of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. I say yes because as a piece of art it is pretty impressive. The fact that one man, who after passing has now have others contribute to keeping it alive, was able to accomplish this shows a lot of craft. Plus I am a sucker for colorful objects in my art. But I have to say no as well because of the content. Not going to go on a rant about religion but….well I am not religious at all. Some of the content here I thought was way too over the top and practically embarrassing at points. Be as religious as you want to be but I feel guilty walking around here cause how forceful the message is. Again, not religious but I do like religious art (most of the time) so I just had to give it a shot.

If you are closer to Niland, California I say a good hour drive back and forth is worth it. But if you are like me then spending a whole day to see this monument (and the creepy city I alluded to for next week) I wouldn’t say it is worth it.


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