Great Movie Scenes #014: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

In this new year we have to look forward and there is no better scene to perfectly encapsulate that feeling than in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:

You gotta remember the context of this particular scene. This is where Luke Skywalker is at his most innocent. He had no idea what the future will bring and he hopes that someday he will go out of his boring life and have amazing adventures. Considering what we know now it makes a scene like this so much more important in the grand story George Lucas told in the original trilogy.

But what makes this scene work is the gorgeous score by John Williams. This piece swells at the perfect time as Lucas cuts between doughy-eyed Luke and the twin suns in the distance. I am usually not that great at describing how a score can perfect a scene. But whenever you see this moment in A New Hope, even in mute, you can hum this piece with no issue. It just fits perfectly. I wish I could take a time machine and see Williams creating this tune in the studio. It had to be a ‘Eureka!’ moment almost instantly when he was scoring this with the image in front of him.


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