Out and About in Culver: The Culver Stairs

One of the big reasons people will go to Culver City is an infamous hiking trail. On Jefferson Blvd there is a scene overlook called the ‘Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook’. It’s innocent looking enough: twisty paths and some gorgeous scenery along the way. But at the halfway point there is an ominous set of stairs, Yes, you heard me: stairs. They are so famous that many professional athletes come here to run up and down. Now it sounds silly I know, but wait until you see them. In fact, with the year quickly coming to an end I decided to try these stairs for myself. Let’s end the year on an upbeat moment of triumph considering everything that’s happened to me this past year.
Entrance to the Overlook
Seems simple enough. Shading will disappear in a hot second.

Also seems like a pretty normal overlook so far.
 Views of Culver below the stairs.

  At the bottom of the stairs.
 Detail to show the thickness/height of each step

No problem! I’m ready to go!
 About 1/4th of the way up.

Views from Culver higher up.

 Getting tired.

About 3/4th up the stair. If it doesn’t show the steps get steeper to almost a straight path up.
Thinking whether to continue or to throw up.

I never did get to the top. My overall thoughts about the stairs.

So yeah, I couldn’t get myself to the top. These things are deceptive even though they are spaced incredibly high and far apart. It’s a great cardio exercise but even my new found weight loss I can’t see myself doing something so strenuous. Even if this was a way to end the new year I don’t mind I failed. These past eight months have been insanely fun and I’ve done so much and met so many incredible people. Conquering some stupid steps won’t change the fact 2015 was a great year for me.


2 thoughts on “Out and About in Culver: The Culver Stairs

  1. love this area, the stairs are definitely brutal!


  2. This is AWESOME! I appreciate your true critique on the hike. I UNDERSTAND! You gave it a valient effort. I hope to see the top someday. .. but don’t think I ever will. Great blog!


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