Out and About in LA: Christmas Party

Bad news: I am out of a job…..Well I mean that my time at NFL Network has ended (for now). Yes, one of the few disadvantages of my trade is that contracts come and go. So what was I to do now that I am out on my own in the middle of Los Angeles? Well get a new job of course!

Good news: I immediately found a new home with the company TMZ. Now like the last job I won’t be going into details of my gig or explaining what goes on in the building. (But maybe another ‘epic tour‘ like I did at NFLN is in the works)  But if my employer offers a pretty sweet deal, like how NFLN celebrated the season with a tailgate, then I will bring some footage to you. Speaking of which:

TMZ offered me an invite to their annual Christmas Party which was held at the California Science Center. I’ve always meant to go to the Center (especially because it is so close to USC, The Natural History Museum, and The Coliseum) and maybe you’ll see a more detailed tour in the future. But for now it was cool hanging out with new coworkers and enjoying the spectacle of where exactly the party was held. So enjoy a little taste of what a cool employer like TMZ can offer:


A neat, galaxy model at the main doors

A tube of fishes…kinda reminds me of Snowpiercer
If I was a fish I’d probably be annoyed I was stuck in a tube like this

Where the party lies: Underneath the space shuttle Endeavour
One of the thrusters of the Endeavour

A space lab from the Endeavour
Nice to know an employer knows how to celebrate the holidays in style

So I got a bit more enamored with the Endeavour than the party at times…It was still a lot of fun  and I am looking forward to what this new venture in LA brings. But as I left I found a sign that really confounded me to this day:Yes…just what is it?


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