Out and About in LA: Random DTLA

So I was bored this weekend and decided to venture back into the heart of Los Angeles. Downtown is a lot  like any other center of a major city I’ve been too. But thankfully there are a lot of interesting visuals to make DTLA stand out. Also, by the end I went into one of the biggest landmarks Los Angeles has to offer. So enjoy another preview of what this city has to offer.

Million Dollar Theater
 Grand Central Market (Previously seen hereInternational House of Music (Surprising ‘International’ means ‘Mostly Spanish’)
The Los Angeles Theater

LA is no NYC but sometimes it feels like I’m in the NYC from the 1950s.
Clifton’s Cafeteria

The Palace
This could easily be on 84th Street in NYC when I was at The Met.

These guys were everywhere and they had two more groups with them. Who knows what crazy, religious bullshit they were spouting. Cause in today’s age we all know acting tough/crazy is how to make followers.
Some lovely street art close to The Last Bookstore (that store also covered on this post)  Last stop of the day: The Bradbury Building. Used for a series of offices over the year it is the architecture that has astounded people to come visit it. Also, it has been filmed quite extensively for years including notable films such as Blade Runner and The Artist.
Out timey mailbox

Oldy Timey elevator
The iconic stairway. Just look at it.

More stairs on the opposite side


And that’s all for now. Sadly couldn’t show more of the Bradbury cause it is closed off after the first floor. Unless your name is Ridley Scott or have a contract with a major studio most of the offices want to be left in peace. As I walked out I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hang around for a little bit more. Then I saw this right across the street:
Yeah….time to go.


One thought on “Out and About in LA: Random DTLA

  1. Wow! Never even knew this place existed. Great pictures!


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