Out and About in LA: Pacific Coast Highway

So the other day, well okay months ago, I went to Santa Monica. I noticed the beauty of the area but also the infamous route known as the Pacific Coast Highway (also known as Highway 1). Now this massive piece of road goes through the majority of California and, for now anyways, I do not have time to drive the whole thing. But I thought to give a taste of what the highway is like from one major beach to as far as an hour drive. So if you are a fan of the beach, or of travelogues, or if you are even in the East Coast being miserable with the cold I say: Enjoy.

The Beginning: Santa Monica
 On the road to the next stop

  Next stop: Will Rogers State Beach

 Back on the road

Next stop: Topanga State Beach
  The Seagulls own this beach
 Back on the road in Malibu

One of many beaches in Malibu: Malibu Lagoon State Beach
 Back on the road for one more stop

  Final Stop: Zuma Beach
Fun fact: Zuma Beach is where the final scene of the original Planet of the Apes was filmed. Those bastards.


So that is a small taste of what the Pacific Coast Highway has to offer. And what’s great is that this portion is totally doable in a day for all you travel seekers. It’s about a 20mi ride and forty minutes in total to do all of it. Of course you’ll be getting out of the car constantly to see such gorgeous views like I did. So whether you are a local, who I am very jealous if you live so close to the show, or a newbie to Los Angeles this ride is totally worth your time. And then you can make a right up the road to Rt. 23 and be by the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains which I showcased in an earlier post. So yeah, do this!


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