Out and About in San Diego: Raiders vs Chargers

One of the advantages living in California is that there is no shortage of sports. Whether it’s professional or collegiate I could theoretically go to a sporting event every day. You’ve seen me at The Coliseum earlier but that was more of a tour and not an actual thing was occurring there. So I decided to go to a football game all the way down to San Diego. Mostly because it is the closest of the major, NFL teams in the area (until the team moving to Inglewood happens) but also I always wanted to visit the town named ‘Whale Vagina’ in German. So below are a series of post of my, and friends who came along, experience going to a Raiders/Chargers game. Enjoy.

As a Texans fan I have no side to choose with this game. But to look a bit like the locals I wore my Father’s retro, Houston Oilers jersey from the 70s.
On the 405 to San Diego. Passing a nuclear facility.

Not the best picture but to the right of all we passed by numerous shores. I don’t believe this was the Pacific Coast Highway but still pretty to look at.

Made it to our destination….Or at least in the outskirts of San Diego.

Funny story: The traffic getting into Qualcomm Stadium was atrocious. Apparently there is only one way in and out of the building which is stupid. So we decided to park 2 miles away from the stadium as it was our only option. Shown above is Sharon, Mike, and Brian dealing with our decision.
Made it to the stadium 30mins later.

Qualcomm Stadium. We could hear the crowd roar as more Raiders fans seem to take over than the home team. Another funny story: We missed the first quarter because of horrendous security and slow moving lines. Absolutely terrible.

Shout out to Frank Guggenheim for building a skatepark around the stadium.

Next series of pictures is views of San Diego around the stadium. Mostly car parks but the distance was really something. Shame such an unruly building destroyed such a beautiful valley.
Me waiting for food in another poorly thought out line. Not shown: People struggling to cook hot dogs which shouldn’t be an issue.

From Mike’s perspective. Shout out to the terrible, 1994 box TVs shown above.

Deadpool I get. But Ted the teddy bear? Okay.
 View from our seats. Despite all the headache getting here the seats were pretty damn good.

More “funny” stories: The Raider fan behind us was so damn obnoxious. He kept screaming ‘RAIDERS’ in a long, drawn out fashion for HOURS. How he didn’t lose his voice amazed and also disappointed us. My expression shown above is after hearing it for 3 fucking hours.

Despite the headaches I still had fun witnessing an NFL game in Cali.

Disappointingly we forgot to take a group picture of ourselves. But as a Raider fan, and with them CRUSHING the Chargers, this belated pic of my friend Mike says it all.

On the way back home we stopped at Pedro’s Tacos in San Clemente. Based on a recommendation by Brian we enjoyed some pretty damn good fish tacos.

  Damn good fish taco as mentioned above.
The endless view of the shore driving back during dusk/night. Absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, you native Californians are fucking lucky.


So that was our day in a nutshell. I have to say, not to complain too much, how truly awful Qualcomm Stadium was. The people of San Diego was amazing and the Chargers fans (mostly) were gracious even to people wearing Raiders gear. But the stadium itself and the people running it were terrible. Honestly I can imagine why they are strong contenders to move to Los Angeles because the stadium is way too old and poorly managed. How they only have one major road into the stadium makes no sense. Also, even if we got there early enough the lines getting into the stadium lasted into halftime. That’s just insane.

But at the end we had a blast even with the down moments. I’m really happy I got to befriend these guys because of work. Hopefully this can be the start of amazing times with them.


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