Out and About in LA: Thanksgiving

It came to my realization that this will be my first Thanksgiving AWAY from family. That is a major bummer especially since I’m missing out on some amazing cooking back at home. But luckily I have connections here in Los Angeles and a friend from my college days invited me to his new place up in NoHo. I just wanted to share the hospitality of my friends and how much fun I had this year. Enjoy.

   The tables are waiting in anticipation.
  The carving has begun

  10 pounds of Mash Potatoes seems excessive. And you’d be right!
  The spread

  The plate
  Eating has begun! (I’m the fifth head on the left)

  Pets! Cute little guy.
  Star of the night. Rocking the lettuce.

  The chatting has begun.

  Picking on dessert.



Just want to thank Adam Bradshaw, his lovely girlfriend, and everyone else to make this a great Thanksgiving for me. I had a ton of fun and, I hope, it’s the start of a nice tradition for Rowan alumni.


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