Out and About in Santa Monica

It may come as a surprise to many but there are many beaches of Los Angeles I have yet to travel to. Malibu, Hermosa, Long Beach; almost any you can think of sans Venice I haven’t crossed. So on my day off from work I decided to visit one of these shores everyone gushes about. I went to the second closest beach to me: Santa Monica. Let me tell you something before you see these photos: Santa Monica Beach is gorgeous. Go to Venice for the interesting pieces of humanity but walk further to Santa Monica to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. I’m not even a beach guy and I wanna keep coming back to this place. So enjoy the beauty that is:

 Shout out to the random cannons around the edge of the beaches

The Pier
 If you know anything about GTA V this looks very familiar if you drive around the edges of the city

Don’t know if I trust my food from a guy name Rusty
 The police are having a hard time of it in Los Angeles

View of the beach
 Arcade! If only I had quarters with me

Patented Expression of Joy
 Pacific Park

Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel
 The Ocean (played by Harrison Ford)

Beach Shot #2
 Pier Shot

It’s a gorgeous day to fish
 Maybe one day I’ll venture out

If not the ocean than maybe those hills
 What do you think Mr. Pigeon?

Palisade Park (An interesting “Park” in that it is only a strip of a park that hugs the edges of the beach. Absolutely beautiful despite the ugly cars/city to the right of it)
 Houses by the shore with the pier in the distance

Getting closer to those hills
 Went back into the city of Santa Monica and went into this nifty bookstore. Got a lot of pricey and heavy hard covers.

My haul afterwards
So in the middle of Santa Monica, on 3rd street, is a whole area with nothing but shops and bars. 3rd Street Promenade is basically an outdoor mall. I wish more places were like this.

Various dinosaur bushes scattered about the promenade
 No desire to wear Doc Martins but I love the idea of a shoe hanging above a shoe store

If you are a Panther or Cardinals fan in Santa Monica
 Kinda love the design to this Urban Outfitter. Not sure why. Maybe because of the girders?

One more dinosaur to end the day

So yeah, definitely head yourself out here whenever you get the chance. I can only imagine what this place is like during the winter. If Atlantic City could only have this kind of weather I would have frequent it more back in the day. Santa Monica is just a gorgeous city and just a few miles up north is the Pacific Coast Highway. So stay tuned for that.


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