Out and About in LA: The Coliseum

So I went to a pretty small college in the grand scheme of things. I tried to shoot myself to the moon when it comes to attending a major film school though. But I learned that I didn’t quite have the funds, nor the means, to attend the prestigious USC. It was a shame too because such major players of film have been hear including Walter Murch, John Carpenter, and the most notable alumni of them all with George Lucas. It’s 2015 now and I never did attend this college; but now I live in Los Angeles and I can walk around the campus as much as I want. So I at least won in the end didn’t I?

For the first part of my tour of USC, which many will come eventually, I walked around possibly the biggest arena in the country. The Coliseum: Home to the USC Trojans. It’s a gorgeous building and I can see why teams like the Dodgers and Raiders decided to call this home at various points. If you never attended USC but wanna see one aspect of the facility or even marvel at why you love this college to begin with….Well enjoy what’s below:


 Probably not the best image of the torch from the entrance. But it is the real torch from the Olympics in 1932. Neat.

How do you say ‘Bullshit’ in Ancient Greece?

 Same for Ancient Roman

If you wanna know what Russian won in the Weightlifting of 1984 here’s something better than Wikipedia

 The Germans did a great job in the ‘Racists’ triathlon that year

Jesse Owens sticking to the man

Me enjoying the field

 Now we know why California is in a major popcorn drought

Up next is a series of pictures around the field. Incredible views. My only wish is that I see this again with thousands of people and for a major game. 
  True story: Ended my trip with security telling me I was in a restricted area. Thanks guy!


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