Out and About in LA: Meltdown Comics and Nerdmelt

I have previously covered Meltdown Comics way back when I first moved to Los Angeles. But I felt like I didn’t give them their due especially considering I am a comic book nerd myself. So the other day I went down the the Chris Hardwick runned facility and toured around the whole building. If you are a fans of comics then you’ll love it! If not, well it’s still a pretty cool place to go regardless and you’ll see why by the end. So here is your look at West Hollywood’s gem:

 Always a good sign when a life-size Michelangelo greets you at the door

Toys of various sizes and series on one side

  Super indie publications on the other

Monthly issues aka ‘Where the Magic Happens’

 Misc in the corner. Some board games, video games, and Spock

What makes Meldown unique is that, thanks to being in control of The Nerdist, they frequently get shows and comics to perform here. I’ve been down for a few times since moving to see some of the shows they provide. Today in particular was a free, open mic night but also a showcase of Simpsons art as well.

 Dark venue, random males, and people writing on notebooks? It’s a comedy club alright

The start of the highlights of The Simpsons art showcase. Here is tiki Homer
 A real cassette of Kirk Van Houten’s hit single ‘Can I Borrow a Feeling?’

The Be-Sharps hit single ‘Baby on Board’
Homer from the perspective of Bart in ‘Brother From the Same Planet’

Remember ALF? (Sadly not in pog form)
 More tiki’s

George H.W. Bush’s “prank” in ‘Two Bad Neighbors’
 Authentic Itchy & Scratchy animation cel from ‘Lady Bouvier’s Lover’

Thanks Lenny! I did!


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