Out and About in LA: The Grove

If you haven’t been keeping track of my pictures lately then you will notice right away I don’t dress myself very well. Who needs button up shirts or jeans when a nice, Ren & Stimpy t-shirt and loose jean shorts will do the job? So I don’t go out and shop very often unless its for entertainment purposes. But there is one place in LA that should be seen by all outsiders and that is The Grove. A sprawling shopping center that feels like something out of a scene in Paris rather than in the middle of a busy area of Los Angeles. It is also a place where countless celebrities are spotted so even the ‘well to do’ can’t help themselves coming here. Unfortunately there are no celebrities to be seen in this post (despite a ‘John Stamos Alert’ which will be discussed later). Even so The Grove is a pretty cool place that I would recommend anyone to come see. Here’s a taste of:

A nice little lighthouse at the main entrance. Also, shoutout to Taschen books. Incredibly overpriced but amazing reproductions inside each book.

At the entrance you will see a reproduction of an old school gas station. I love these things. It would make pumping my gas more appealing if stations went back to this look.

 Kip’s Toyland. A nice mix of old school and new inside.

One view of the main alleyway of The Grove

 The other side of the main alleyway

In the distance you can see a beautiful Fiat tent. And in its way is an equal-fully beautiful (I guess) statue.

 Detail of statue

This candy store sure makes the one’s back home in Jersey look like pieces of shit

 Yes, there is a trolley that can drive you around the center. I feel like that it is a mix of cool and awkwardness. Cause I love the old school design (like anything else here) but it begs the thought: ‘How out of shape are you that you need a trolley to drive you around something barely half a mile long?

 Pacific Theaters

This place is so nice it has to have a garden with a working show fountain. I feel like this place is compensating for something.

Me, enjoying the fountain, was a douche the whole day wearing earbuds the whole visit
John Stamos Alert! So it looked like FOX was doing a promotional stunt involving Stamos new show Grandfathered. Sadly he was no where to be found as he was on the other side of the country doing something else. Weak.

I feel like if I got my monthly haircut at an event like this it wouldn’t be very good…

 Now I feel like I am back in the middle of Paris judging how this place is laid out

Zara. Or a place where I will never look good in.

 A nice, incredibly tiny flower store in the middle of the center

Remember how in my previous post with the Grand Central Market that it didn’t feel like home? Specifically as a new place to eat ala Reading Terminal Market. Well my friends, back at home and in/around the Philadelphia area: I have found that place at last.
 Independent restaurants and arts/crafts as far as the eye can see

Where I ultimately ended up eating for dinner. I feel like the phrase ‘a go-go’ is something that needs to come back in our post-60s lexicon of phrases

Really good meal though for such a tiny sushi place. I got a Las Vegas Roll (Salmon/Avocado/Crab/Cream Cheese)

 And for dessert…..

A delicious apple fritter
My last view while walking back to the car. Didn’t even realize CBS was literally next door. It reminds me that I will need to cross off something else off my LA bucket list. One day soon Drew Carey….I’m gonna spin that wheel of yours and win that boat.

And that’s it! Can’t wait to get a girlfriend soon so I can literally see all my money get sucked away into a place like this.


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