Out and About in Culver: Sony Pictures

There are a lot of things I had to do in Los Angeles just on the off chance I will have to move back once my time at my new job ends. (Spoiler Alert: That’s coming sooner than you think. Yikes.) One of the big ‘to dos’ is do tours of all the major studios of Hollywood. Luckily there is one major studio right around the corner from me and it’s Sony Pictures. Now I could go on about their recent quality of flicks as of late. But I am not here to judge. I want to show you guys and gals what it is like to tour a major studio such as Sony. Not everything could be shown for privacy reasons. But let me tell you this is a great place to spend an afternoon and marvel the new and old of this company.

The entrance to the Lot, or specifically the business side of things. I drive pass this every day for work by the way.

 The massive lobby. So massive I needed to take two photos of it.

 The first of many memorabilia of Sony’s films. First up: Men in Black II.

A proton pack! It’s from Ghostbusters II but still…

 Johnny Blaze’s motorcycle outfit from Ghost Rider. Not seen: Crazy Nic Cage.

Johnny Blaze’s sweet cycle. Sadly not in actual flames.

 A baby Godzilla from the 1990s, U.S. version of Godzilla. I know we said not to judge but….that movie is a pile of poop.

Spider-Man!? Doc Ock!? Venom Suit!?

 A League of Their Own

Finally shown the respect I deserve with the label: Guest.

 Entrance to the actual studio.

A model of a rainbow from The Wizard of Oz. Kinda random but still cool.

This is the Irving Thalberg Building where the biggest Writers/Directors come in to pitch their films. Unfortunately this is one of many where I can’t show what’s inside. But in the lobby they showcase the actual Oscars the company has one. From pictures such as On the Waterfront, Kramer vs Kramer, and Ghandi. Wish I could show you guys but as a big Oscar nerd this was heaven for me.

 An alleyway of the studio.

Fake theater facade. Shown in recent productions like The Goldbergs.

 The Frank Capra Building.

One of the actual RV’s used during the shooting of Breaking Bad.

 “Jeese, we need to cook!”

Again I don’t want to judge….But this is a good example of some recent woes with the company. A great sign of the old Columbia Pictures with David Spade popping his head in for Joe Dirt 2. Ugh.

So this sound stage is where many film composers and artist go to record. Big scores for films like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, and recent hits like Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens were recorded here. Speaking of the latter and true story: John Williams actual music sheets for the chorus for Force Awakens was on a random table while standing with the tour guide. So now I know one of the titles for a key moment in the film. Weird.

One of the many foley stages they have. If you don’t know ADR/Foley is where people go in post production to add sound to productions. So most of the time you hear say people walking, or random doors creaking, are all made here. It’s a weird room cause it is filled like a hoarder’s dream of miscellaneous crap. Also, smells like crap too.

 Jeopardy! is filmed in Sony and we got to see the set. Wheel of Fortune is also filmed right next store. One day I will be an audience member of either which will cross another chunk of my bucket list.

The closest I’ll ever be a contestant. Cause I am way too dumb to even be apart of the “Teen Tournament”.

Wish I had this growing up. Only to see Trebek’s sweet hair every day.

The actual set! Shame they were not filming today as everything is all covered up. Again, will someday be an audience member to see this lit up for real.

Some more studios

Everything ends, of course, at the gift shop. So if you want your Dr. Ken T-Shirts or Shark Tank mugs you know where to go.


And that’s it! Again I wish I could have shown you guys more but there was no way I could sneak in anything with the tour guide hovering over us. It was a lot of fun despite a good mix of some, let’s face it, bad films overshadowing some of the prestige. But hey I respect any filmmaker despite any quality and learning more about Sony Pictures/Columbia was pretty darn cool. If I do have to go back to Jersey any time soon at least I can show my parents that I made it:


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