Out and About in Venice

I’m not a beach kind of guy. The idea of laying on sand, with the mucky ocean, and a blazing sun just never appeals to me. There are much better ways for me to relax which is why you see so many posts regarding walking around. But there are a few places I love to go to when it comes close to the ocean. Back in Jersey places like Wildwood and Atlantic City were hotspots because there were a ton of things to do outside of the shore. A place like Venice Beach in LA reminds me a lot of those areas where I grew up. Lots of interesting visuals, people, and stores to look around. Hell it’s kinda like a place for the homeless to thrive and showcase their wares to the public. It is an ingenious way to get money if you really know how to create. Anyways, if you have never been to the area let me give you a taste of what there is to offer.

Official entrance

  A lovely mural in the middle of a valet parking lot

The beach. Eh, it looks alright I guess

 Okay that’s actually a pretty view

A portion of the boardwalk. Much cleaner than most

 Hey a film crew! No idea what they were doing. Probably should have asked afterwards. Oh well 
Anyone for Tennis?

 If you like to see half naked dudes play basketball in the ungodly heat I got a place for you

Artwork in the middle of the boardwalk

 More of the boardwalk

This dude actually played a beautiful piece as I took this

 Hey a freakshow! I thought these things didn’t exist anymore

A little blurry but this is a two headed turtle. Freaky

 This dude is always doing murals when I come down here. He does some amazing stuff and I should buy one of his pieces someday

More of the shore down the walk

 Closer to the hills. Seriously, that is a gorgeous view in person

Street performers and a random dude, on skates, dancing. Life is good

 What I do on Saturday nights

The smallest and cutest dog ever. He’s so tiny!!

 Home away from home! No idea if they are really from Philadelphia but if they advertise cheesesteaks I have to try it

Visually it doesn’t look EXACTLY like a Philly cheesesteak. But I promise you: The best thing I’ve eaten at LA since I moved here. Steak is chopped/cooked perfectly; the cheese is on point (not gooey though), and they have Amoroso rolls! A+ alone on that one. Whether you are from Philadelphia or not this is as close as you can get to the real thing on the other side of the country

 A ton of places here sell ice cream and most of it is the same. But this is a nice, tiny store towards the end of Venice

How I end the day at the beach. Birthday Cake flavored ice cream. Shout out to the guy in the background who wants to take it away from me.

So there you have it. A tiny taste of what Venice Beach has to offer. My final advice is that you need to experience it on the weekend. Cause with the weekday most people are at work and the homeless who sell their artwork are usually not around. You gotta experience this place with a sea of humanity and it’ll give you a TON of interesting stories to tell. Granted I have not been to the other shores yet but I still find this to be my favorite area of the city since I have moved out West.


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