Out and About in LA: The Fisher Museum

It’s time for yet another trip to one of the countless museums in Los Angeles. This time I went all the way to USC to partake in their free art museum called ‘The Fisher Museum of Art’. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it is bad; some of the best art I’ve seen came from free museums. This tiny little building had a pretty neat theme going to show us the dangers of pollution. Several artists made ‘found’ art by taking various pieces of pollution (plastic, toys, trash, etc) from out beaches and oceans and turned it into something beautiful. I wish I had this kind of creativity even when it comes to garbage. Most of the work I ever tried looks like it anyways. Before I bum myself out here is a sample of what is being showcased as you read this:


 Bounty, Pilfered by Pam Longobardi

Ghost Dog by Sue Ryan

 Thongs by John Dahlsen

Pack Dogs by Cynthia Minet (Even as plastic beings I want to have a dog)

Unsustainable Creatures: Elephant by Cynthia Minet


A pretty short entry if I may say. But hey, this museum cycles a lot of its collection so if this exhibition doesn’t float your boat just wait a month and see what it’ll bring this winter!


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