Out and About in LA: Wilshire BLVD Pt. 1

So work has been pretty hectic of late. Have not been able to go out and really appreciate the city as I did during the summer. But I still have days off and will still go out when I get the chance. Recently I went BACK to the LACMA and wanted to calm myself by appreciating some art. Afterwards I decided to venture Wilshire BLVD and see what it has to offer. Now I realize this is just one part of the boulevard and it will take a bit until I explore the entire thing in full. But in Museum Row, or Miracle Mile, there are a few things to keep notice of.

Some graffiti on my way to the boulevard. I’m sure the folks at Disney will love seeing this.

 At Wilshire past the LACMA. It’s NBCUniversal! Now I’m pretty sure this is more of a corporate headquarters for NBCUniversal. Cause they have a whole section of LA (labeled Universal City) where they film a good portion of their shows. But hey, this could be a potential area of employment regardless.

The Screen Actors Guild. I don’t see myself as an actor in any capacity. Not even as an extra. Although I do wonder what an experience like that would be like. Maybe a future post?

 CBS Radio. Ah Radio, not a dying breed at all.

The Famous El Rey theater. Would like to go to a show here someday. Also, this is not a strip club despite SUICIDE GIRLS being shown in big letters. Also, probably looks better at night as well.



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