Great Movie Scenes #012: Antichrist (2009)

There is a scene in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist that was a first. In it Charlotte Gainsbourg does something so heinous, so horrifying to Willem Dafoe that I…..Look I can’t do it. Not only would I be a monster showing it to YOU but I can’t think about this scene. It made me gag. It is the only time that I legitimately quit watching a movie cold. Never even went back to see how the thing ended. So instead let’s show this moment of the film which is creepy but not entirely gag inducing.

A fox ripping its own guts out? Gross yes, gag inducing? No. Well maybe it is for you but for god-sakes do not go out and search for the scene I was referring to. Whether you are a man or woman it is going to make you cross your legs forever (and that’s the only hint I will give).


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