Out and About in Culver: The Museum of Jurassic Technology

While I love living in Culver City I must admit it is lacking in a few things. Mainly with museums as I needed to drive or use public transportation to get to any of these places I’ve shown you already. But Culver does boast one museum and it is called ‘The Museum of Jurassic Technology’. Whenever I asked anybody about this place all they would tell me is that it is the trippiest place you will ever be in. With such high praise(?) I finally took an afternoon to witness what makes this tiny building have such an aura of weirdness around it. By the end of my trip I learned that ‘trippy’ or ‘weird’ doesn’t even begin to describe this place. Words like ‘nightmarish’ and ‘unsettling’ are more apt.

So the place starts off innocently enough. The picture probably isn’t doing it justice. It looks incredibly tiny on the outside.

 Literally the first thing I saw when I turned the corner at the entrance. So I thought to myself, ‘Oh okay, it is a mini-natural history museum.’ Not quite. In fact, not even close.

Okay, a stuffed coyote head. Again, seems like a NHM to me.

 Propagation Horn? What?

A series of dioramas about the history of mobile homes and trailer parks. Or what I called ‘WTF? #1’.

 That’s certainly a model of a trailer park.

Is that the same mobile home from Kill Bill Vol. 2?

 Now when I see stuffed animals like this I just feel weirded out. Why is this randomly here about the dioramas?

Reading the signs for each thing in here doesn’t help either. What in the world is this thing talking about?

(Not shown behind: A collection of cures involving stored urine, “salted teeth”, and bloody spittle from a baby. What the flying fuck?)

 Okay this one needs explaining. Apparently it involves an old wives tale of having bee’s listen to your ailments and the the response from them will tell you what to do. AKA ‘A crazy person thought of this’.

At this point I was wondering if this was a ruse to take my $8 and then have Leatherface get me with a butcher hammer from behind.

 Even an innocent looking room like this creeps me out. If you look at all the books every single one of them talks about Napoleon. The piano and paintings are also about the man. What on Earth is going on?

Now I’m starting to piece some of this together. This piece, while pretty, is impossible to describe. But it does make me realize one thing: Astrology is all over this place.

 Never before have butterflies look more menacing.

Lots and lots of pipes.

 I spent a good, solid minute deciding whether I wanted to go down this hallway.

A portrait of Laika, a Russian dog sent into space during the 50s. I breathed a sigh of relief there were no animals harmed in the making of this portrait.

The end of the road is this lovely garden on the second floor. Hard to believe you had to go through so many horrors to get here.

No idea what type of birds these are. I’m just glad they are alive.


And there you have it. Quite clearly the scariest place I’ve ever experienced. Seriously this place is like David Lynch having free reign to do WHATEVER he felt like in an two story apartment. There are so many things I wish I could show you but I didn’t want to spoil all of it. Plus the sounds coming from this place makes everything scarier by 150%. Honestly I think this is either some elaborate ruse or a haven for new age hippies. Cause things like astrology is all over this place and the old-age ‘cures’ presented tell me as such. I don’t think I will ever step foot here again unless I want to commit myself into the mouth of madness. But if you are willing I would say give it a shot. It is one hell of a ‘seeing is believing’ experience.


2 thoughts on “Out and About in Culver: The Museum of Jurassic Technology

  1. I think you missed the whole point of the museum. I just read a book about it (“Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder”), and there are several articles online. There actually is a point to it, but I’ll let you do your own investingation if you’re interested. I’ve never been to it myself, though I probably will next time I visit L.A., since it seems like a unique museum experience. Regards!


    • It has been a while since I been here and I did eventually did research on the place. I found it to be very interesting now with context although I like the idea of keeping this post as is. Makes the realization this place is kinda freaky for newbies to try it on their own.


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