Great Movie Scenes #011: Raggedy Ann & Andy-A Musical Adventure (1977)

You want nightmares this Halloween season? Forget about your classic monsters, slashers, and even leprechauns. I present to you: The Greedy

That thing, to me, is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The Greedy is this constantly shapeshifting creature who LOVES sweets. I remember being a child at my grandmother’s house in Philadelphia absolutely screaming to skip this point of the movie. Looking at this thing is so unnerving and I honestly don’t think I have seen anything like it since. His constant jelly-like shape, his googly eyes, and that deep voice (provided by Joe Silver) is the stuff of nightmares. Of course if you actually watch this you can see an enormously difficult, but well executed, piece of animation. How two people, Richard Williams and Emery Hawkins (with a bevy of assistants I’m sure), got this to work is beyond me. In fact the former with Williams should be discussed on a future date because he is one of the unsung heroes of modern animation.

In general though if you want to truly want to have trouble sleeping just go to YouTube and search ‘The Greedy’. Literal nightmares.


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