Out and About in LA: Downtown

So last week I was at the Grand Central Market to try out some food. But that is not all I did that day. I decided to walk a lot of Downtown Los Angeles to see more of my new home. On a very hot day, seriously it was ungodly, I walked from 3rd street to Pico Blvd (a two mile walk) and went to some interesting places. Obviously there is much more to explore in such a city that is still expanding as I type. But hopefully you find some of these places just as fascinating as I did.
The Last Bookstore

Obviously this isn’t really the last bookstore. Print might be struggling but it isn’t dead yet! But I heard a lot of cool things over this indie store. The hype was not wrong as this is a truly MASSIVE place for all things books. I think me and this place are gonna be good friends in the immediate future.

 Oh, you know how your local Barnes and Noble uses Roman architecture to keep things afloat.

Rare books eh? This lady should probably be more interested.
Oh and you also know how your local B&N has random portraits on their walls.

So are these for sale?
 Even more rare books. In the den apparently.

Comics? Now you’re talking!
Did I make a wrong turn and hit Amoeba?

Some artist REALLY loves Harry Potter
And cameras, and lightbulbs.

I feel like books aren’t the best structures to hold a wall up.
  Best thing about this hallway? Everything you see and more are only $1. Yup, just a dollar.

Yeah, this is my kind of store.


Found this on the way to my next stop. God damn you Floyd. You brilliant bastard.


Nice skyline


Santee Alley

So I tried this little alleyway to see a group of vendors sell their wares. And by ‘little’ I mean ‘MASSIVE’. This alley went on seemingly forever where you can buy almost anything. But don’t worry if you missed out on your favorite items. Places are literally selling the same thing over and over again for miles. Can’t imagine how places like this stay in business. 
I end my day looking at this creepy, Asian themed beauty store and think to myself: ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’


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