Out and About in Culver: Farmer’s Market

It’s been a while since I have been to downtown Culver. Or in the very least the part of Culver I used to frequent during the summer. Every Tuesday the town has a small farmer’s market for the locals on Culver Blvd and Main Street. What do the locals have to offer to us? Find out below:

The locals, between the ages of 30-95 are out in full force.

 Where Jason Voorhees goes to get his machete sharpened.

I sure hope they milk the goats

 Not even the hippies want fungus

Even the clowns in L.A. are good looking

 I’m not into wardrobe and the like; but I am always down for these kind of designs

Seafood in the warm sun? What could go wrong?

 $3 for roasted corn? I’LL TAKE 20!

One of many tents filled with produce

 She didn’t convince me her sprouts were all that “jazzy”

Breadman. Mightier than the….naan man?

 Some nice music to end the visit

No idea what was being filmed at this restaurant. But at the end of my trip I noticed a group of cameraman going at it with this family. If I had to guess it is a reality show about losing weight. Because they were all marveling at his body. So maybe you’ll see me in the background of some kind of reality show? Who knows?


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