Out and About in LA: Grand Central Market

Back in Philadelphia we have a place called Reading Terminal Market. It is a wonderful place where you can buy all kinds of produce, jewelry, and a shit ton of food vendors. I miss a lot of my home back east but I really pine for a good sandwich from DiNic’s or a marshmallow brownie from Flying Monkey. So when I heard that Los Angeles has its own kind of market called the ‘Grand Central Market’ I had to give it a shot. Unfortunately it wasn’t what I was hoping. It was more of a place to have more places to eat and crammed into one hot place. Seriously this place was hot as balls. I’m not saying this wasn’t interesting to walk through and the food I eventually chowed down on was delicious. But is it the same as home? As always the answer is ‘no’. But hey if you are new to the city I say give it a shot especially if you wanna find a cornucopia of choices. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:
 China Cafe

 LaCasa Verde
 Belcampo Meat Co.

 La Tostaderia Seafood
 La Huerta Candy & Snacks

 Sortia’s Pupuseria
 Valerie Confections

 Sausages Berlin Currywurst (More on them later)

 Sticky Rice

 Wexlor’s Deli
 Olio Pizzeria

 Antojitos Mexicanos
 Falafel (This kid in the Cavs shirt seems to be following me…)

 Tacos Tomas
 Grand Central Discount Store

(Honestly it looks a bit scary. But there are some pretty good prices here. If it wasn’t such a walk I’d come here a few times to shop.)

 Lunch: Currywurst w/fries

So I finished the day with a late lunch/early dinner at Sausages Berlin Currywurst. What you see is a Currywurst where it is a mix of a German sausage and an Indian curry. Very delicious. Not too spicy but the sauce gives it a little bit of a kick. I would love to have this kind of sauce on my fries any time of day. There is so much to try here but I would say you should give this little corner of a vendor a try.


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