Out and About in Culver: NFL Kickoff

It’s no secret that I work for the NFL Network since moving out to Los Angeles. Unfortunately I cannot share a lot of experiences for now since I don’t wanna sour anyone I currently work for or ruin any chances for future employment. BUT, I do like to share when a company does their employees right and the NFLN certainly does that. By the time this article comes out we will be virtually touching the new season of football. Beforehand the Network decided to celebrate by having a kick-off party for all its employees. It was basically tailgating but instead of being near a major stadium/venue we were behind the building of a small studio in Culver City. Still, it was a lot of fun and I hope the network continues to do this for future kick-offs to the season. Below is just a sample of what the day was like.
I think that’s SUPPOSE to say ‘NFL’ in balloon form. Damn you wind!

When free food is involved you better believe people will show. Also, had no idea NFLN had this many people.

Cornhole. More on that later.

 Big-ass Jenga.

Big ass camera.

 Luckily I didn’t have to hold the thing to take a selfie. Also: Wearing a 1970s Earl Campbell jersey to all those people born before 1982.

That kid isn’t the next Joe Montana that’s for sure. (Again, this will make sense for anyone born before 1993.)

 Seems weird to put ping pong so close to the corner. Also, people never seem friendly to the idea of getting pictured during a game.

My co-worker, aka Producer, Luke during our first of two Big-Ass Jenga games. He won both rounds.

 The spread. (Despite being nothing but fried or baked in heavy sauce this was pretty great food.)

Me and Luke during our game of cornhole. Took a long time to go that’s for sure.Me and Luke during our game of Cornhole. Took us a long time just to get to 10 points. (He won this one as well by the way.)


So there you have it! A solid hour of fun leading up to the opening night of Football in a few days. Work may start to get seriously hectic once the season starts full swing. But days like this will remind me on how lucky I am to work with a great company, with great people, and in a great time of my life in general. Here’s to the 2015-2015 NFL season!


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