Out and About in LA: In-N-Out Burger

No matter who I talk to or where I go on the internet I hear the same thing: ‘You have to try In-N-Out. You just have to.’ Now as a man of the East Coast we didn’t get this franchise. All we had were boring McDonalds, Taco Bells, and the occasional Checkers to diversify. And to be honest fast food doesn’t appeal to me anymore since I lost over 110lbs in a quest to actually stay alive. I haven’t touched any kind of fast food in 2 1/2 years so the prospect of me going to a place like this was very low. But luckily my co-workers LOVE to eat out during lunch and one day I had to go to this mystical area for them. This is the result and yes, this is a blog post totally based on a fast food chain. You’ve probably seen worse.

Right off the bat I will say I like the aesthetics of each building. When you go to a McDonalds or Burger King it just looks like you are gonna get killed in a drive-by. And Taco Bell tries way too hard with their ‘modern’ take on things. Here In-N-Out is simple and that works for whatever reason.

 What also makes In-N-Out so different is that I’ve never seen this type of queue to order. Unless Taco Bell has a free promotion for a free taco that is. But to have a sign to help people navigate parking AND have people outside to place your order while you wait is maddening.

Inside is aesthetically the same as outside. Very simple but it also has an old school, 50s vibe to it. I don’t know why but when I think 1950s I think fast food was healthier. Although I bet returning soldiers from Korea would go straight to the bathroom just as quickly as our own today.

 Even more proof this place is inside. I’ve never seen so many people work in such a tiny kitchen. It’s almost like one of those fancy restaurants where porters and chefs work side by side.

A taste of what’s to come. Not shown: The man wondering why I am photographing his order.

What my coworkers ordered. Not shown: Mine cause I just couldn’t bring myself to eat this.


Postscript: So I am a a weak man and decided to get my own order from the place this weekend. I got myself a ‘Double Double’ Cheeseburger (two patties and two slices of cheese) and a side of fries. Now this food could be processed as hell like all the other fast food chains. But I promise you: This is the best fast food I’ve ever eaten. As a man not fond of the style anymore (and not really a burger guy) this tasted very good. The burger was cooked right, the buns were toasted correctly, the vegetables were actually fresh, and finally I don’t feel like death after eating.  Now I’m not saying it is healthy to eat this all the time nor should you eat fast food period. But hey, if you live in the southwest and especially in LA you should give this at least one shot. Maybe in the future I’ll try out the secret menu just to pique my curiosity. So if you notice in future photos on this blog that I am a bit heavier than usual you will probably know why.


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