Out and About in LA: Bikes and Cracks

I try to do as much as I can with this new neighborhood I live in. So when I hear a major event like CicLAvia comes by my door I have to experience it. Basically, CicLAvia is an organization where they close a few roads and let people ride/bike their way around the neighborhood. This time it is blocking the majority of Washington Blvd from downtown Culver City to Venice Beach. Now that’s a six mile journey and honestly I could not see myself go that far and back. But by going halfway I got to experience the Culver area in greater scope than I would with my car. There was a sea of people as well and it always surprises me how many people live in this city. Looks like it doesn’t hit the Culver area again til next year, but it’ll be in Downtown LA come October. Maybe I’ll see you guys in a few months!

 My late lunch treat for a 3 mile walk: Tokyo Doggie Style

Lunch: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog with Octopus Balls (Hey, they’re chewy!)


 Getting to the event I noticed something weird on this truck. Appartently Hydra is now working for the Culver Studios.


So you remember the OC Fair I covered last week? Forgot to mention that while on the 405 a tiny pebble struck my windshield causing this crack. Guess that makes me a certified Californian now.

 So I got myself a “repair” kit so I can at least cover the damage.

Boom! It worked….Kinda….not really. Damn it…


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