25 Favorite Films: The Imposter (2012)

How to explain a love for a film where you don’t want to spoil it? Spoilers are a thing now in today’s generation and it is quite tricky to navigate. Even if I gave you the tiniest of nuggets I could get a bunch of people decrying for giving out ANYTHING. But I’m torn on another angle because this is a documentary where I want you guys to experience it on your own. If I were to explain just why this made my jaw drop by the end it would be a disservice to everyone involved.

Here is the barest of bare I can give you guys: Frederic Bourdin is a serial imposter who cannot live without pretending to be someone else. At one point he decided to pretend to be a missing boy from Texas named Bart Layton. Despite not sounding anything like him or even look like him the family of Bart took him in. That’s where things get even weirder. I always like documentaries because true events are so much more interesting than fiction. Could a filmmaker or writer come up with the general plot of The Imposter? Probably. But I very much doubt they can think of what happens next in the plot.

You see, I knew about this documentary at the time of its release but never got around to viewing it. When I did I was enjoying myself for the strangeness that was brewing. But then came the moment in the film. The moment where things make a sudden turn that not even a movie snob like me saw coming. I was alone in my home when I saw this and I’m glad I did. Because if my family was around they would’ve heard:

“Wait, what?”

(Five Minutes Later)

“Hold on….”

(Five Minutes Later)


I am not joking when I say I lost my shit when a big revelation happened in this documentary. Even a big twist of a film like The Sixth Sense didn’t grab me as much as this. I so wish I can show you or tell you more but there should be a veil of mystery with this article. I implore you to go out and find this in any format you can. You will believe a film can surprise you again once you get to the climax of this. Alfred Hitchcock himself would have been impressed by the twist in this; that’s how much hyperbole I am willing to spout for this.


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