Out and About in LA: Funhaus

YouTube has changed dramatically in the last several years. It has become basically its own brand when it comes to content and entertainment. We have things like Netflix and Hulu to stream shows, both old and new content, but I believe YouTube is the future when it comes to how we will view our entertainment needs in the future. One of the things that is now mainstream is watching people play video games. Whether it is picture in picture with the talent or walkthroughs we now have no problem viewing people play games instead of playing them ourselves. The best, in my opinion anyways, is a brand off of Rooster Teeth called ‘Funhaus’. (Formerly a group named Inside Gaming before moving on to greener pastures). When I heard that these guys were doing a live event here in LA I just had to go see them. So here are the results of what transpired.

The show took place here YouTube Space in Playa Vista. It is located in an (shockingly) empty part of the city. But it’s pretty in its own way.

 YouTube Space is literally next to Video Game juggernauts Konami. Basically if you love Metal Gear Solid you will find this place heaven.

Pretty solid crowd here. Also, I feel pretty damn old cause many were not even of legal drinking age.

 Bizarre Bathrooms #1: Okay, so to prove this is a bathroom YouTube Space likes to show a man’s bladder about to explode. I can relate.

Bizarre Bathrooms #2: Why yes YouTube Space, I would like to tweet my bathroom habits to you. #poop

 About to get ready

The guys getting the sound syched. Side note: This took a while.

 The show in progress! They are so not talking about Adam’s Alien vs Predator movie pitch.

(In order shown: Lawrence Sonntag, Joel Rubin, Bruce Greene, James Willems, Adam Kovic)

About 45mins into the show. We are also definitely not talking about Rule 34 when it comes to Rugrats.

 Afterwards: A surprise appearance from Barbara Dunkelman! (Of Rooster Teeth/RWBY fame) So now she knows TWO Michael’s from New Jersey.

Me and Adam Kovic. Also, the name tag now dates this picture for all time.


So that was the show in a nutshell. If you search for the ‘Dude Soup LIVE’ podcast from 8/26/15 you should be able to enjoy a solid hour of hilarity and insights. But I wanna go a little in-depth here and, to be honest, emotional. While the picture was getting set up me and Adam chatted for a few seconds. I told him who I was and how I recently moved to Los Angeles for work. Like I told him and now telling you guys: Funhaus is one of the big reasons why I wanted to move to LA. Basically I would love to work with these guys and maybe in the future move to Austin, TX to be with Rooster Teeth. The fact that you can make playing terrible video games entertaining just blew my mind and I wanted to be apart of the action. Now I’m sure this isn’t the first time Adam has heard this but I still love it that he wished me all the luck in the world and hopefully we can be co-workers in the near future. But dreams aside he, along with EVERYONE, from this group are incrediblly nice dudes. They entertain me on a daily basis and if I’m ever sort of down in in the dumps I go into their back catalog and laugh myself silly. These guys, along with all YouTube/Twitch streamers, are the wave of the future and I truly believe that. I have the confidence knowing that if I work hard enough maybe, just maybe, I can be apart of that wave too.

UPDATE: Here is the podcast itself if you are having a hard time finding it.


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