Out and About in LA: Chinatown

So this is kinda silly but the other day I was watching Big Trouble in Little China. A great, John Carpenter movie by the way which is on Netflix Instant and I highly recommend. But watching that movie made me realize: I don’t go to Chinatown as much as I should. When I lived in Philadelphia I went to its Chinatown once but wasn’t impressed. It’ll be a while before I go to San Francisco and experience what Kurt Russell experienced in the movie. Although I very much doubt I will be dealing with mysticism or warriors with elemental powers. Anyways, here is a travelogue of Los Angeles…

 Chinatown Metro Station

Chinese Embassy

 Statue at Embassy

Chinatown Entrance

Sun Yat-sen Statue

Close up of Statue



 Wishing Well

Hop Louie

 Bruce Lee Statue

Food Trucks! Can’t get enough of these things. I am prepared to try them all at some point during my stay in this city. 
Buddha Bing

 India Jones

Tornado Potato

 Tokyo Doggie Style

The Lobos Truck

 Ta Bom

Crepe N’ Around

 Kogi BBQ 

Kogi BBQ: Spicy Pork Tacos (aka ‘Delicious’)

 Phoenix Bakery

Phoenix Bakery Facade

  Phoenix Bakery: Apple Crumb Cake

Concrete Statue

 How I roll to work

Seriously I don’t know what this is

 Will he catch it?

Spoiler Alert: Yes he does


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