Out and About in LA: The OC Fair

One of the boons of working in Los Angeles is that you can do a lot of things with people. Specifically co-workers and there has been no shortage of opportunities to hang out with some new friends. A few weeks ago I hit up The Orange County Fair which is apparently a big deal. I mean if it was celebrating its 125th year I’m going to assume that means something. I’ve been to fairs and festivals before but let it be known that ‘The OC Fair’ outshines them all. This thing could be its only, tiny island considering how huge it is. You’ll have to wait next year to experience this but I highly recommend it to residents and newbies (like myself) of California. So without further ado, here are some highlights of my trip to this beloved fair.


 I wanna party with this cow all night long

Rides, fried food, and people in motorized wheelchairs? It’s a fair alright.

I’ll be the judge of that!
 Honestly this looks like an inflatable pool toy.

World’s Largest AND Smallest Horse? I’ll be the judge of that!

 Well…it looks small. Apart from those lushous locks it is basically a donkey. I think I’ll skip the biggest.

Now we can see some legit animals.

 Goats! So many of them I could’ve done a whole post just on the goats.


 Baby goats!

Bird Barn. (Also, weird place for mardi gras performances.

 Kinda reminds me of that Pixar short.


 Look how cute this thing is! I want it!

Typical Cow shot.

 The best security around

The smells alone from this place was heaven. So much BBQ and fried food everywhere. How I didn’t gain all my weight back I’ll never know.

 What a time to be alive

Just what I wanna do when I go to a fair: Buy a jacuzzi!

 Also: Bacon is a pretty big deal with places like this. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg? Might be too much there.

If you don’t want animals, bacon, or corn in a cup; why no try some pottery?

 This is where the 10 year old me would get incredibly bored. But there was a lot of neat produce and farm equipment here.


 Random produce

Colorful sign for a pretty dull pepper garden




Me on a Saturday night


More chickens!

  The chicken looks as tired as I’ll be once I’m down with this meal.

Steak Kebab w/Fries

 Official Sandcastle

Ride #1 (With AWFUL art in the background)

 Ride #2 (With an obnoxious name like OMG) 
Ride #3 (I’m not big on roller coasters in general but I love these smaller, whiplash inducing ones)

 Ride #4 (See the film Problem Child on why this should never exist)

Ride #5 (Love these things too)


This seems like the worst way to explain to someone who you broke your neck. (But it was hilariously fun to watch)

 Caramel Apple (Almost lost a tooth cause of this thing. Worth it though.)

Back to where I started

Enjoying myself right until the end. (Not shown: How exhausted I am)

Here’s me and my friend Mike enjoying ourselves before the end. Not the last time these two will get into adventures!


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