Out and About in LA: Doctors and Donuts

Once again here is a variety of things I’ve done with no real theme. Although that title though; easily the best I’ve thought of since making this blog.

So I don’t have the best of health insurance. What can you do though with a freelance job? Below you can see what I have to deal with….Never before have I’ve seen a doctor’s office where their specialties are CARVED into the sign. Seriously, this is a piece of shit place.

Shockingly I didn’t go to the Doctor’s. So I decided to fix myself up by going to an iconic donut shop. Randy’s Donuts has that huge donut on the building. Apart from that there is literally nothing to this street so I say go get a dozen donuts and head back to work/home. Those donuts are pretty damn good though.  

A few days later I decided to go to Jaipur, which is an Indian restaurant. I’ve never had Indian food before and wanted to give it a shot. Luckily they had a buffet going so I tried a few bites of everything. Below you will see Chicken Tandoori w/Dal (Lentils) and a small salad. Excellent stuff. The spices and sauce might sit in your stomach but the flavors were amazing. Definitely recommend this place if you get a chance.  

Finally I went back to Hollywood for a little weekend stroll. I’ve walked passed Cinerama a few times but not when it was illuminated like this. I wish theaters could look like this again because it always is an appealing, old school design.

Then I found myself at what could be the last ‘haven’ for CD’s and DVD’s. Amoeba Music is like a Virgin store but much more intimate and personal. As you can see their selection is VAST and I could get lost finding all the stuff I want. But there was a thing I did purchase on a lark that made me super happy.

I had the cassette tape of this in my first car a little over ten years ago. It contains songs from the first eight seasons of The Simpsons and man it was a blast blaring this going to high school. Call me a nerd but things like “Planet of the Apes: The Musical” and “See My Vest” really shaped my childhood. I’m not a huge fan of musicals but The Simpsons made it cool (and more importantly funny) to hum on a regular basis. And, no joke, I have been DYING to get these songs on my iPod since I bought my first one in 2008. I’m still going to cherish this CD though because it reminds me a lot about my childhood which I think is important. Even if the media is outdated you should keep your memories as long as possible. Maybe one day I can share this with my kid and relive what made the 90s so great.


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