Great Movie Scenes #010: Zombieland (2009)

There are a lot of scenes from Zombieland I can, and will eventually, show you that have been stuck in my brain for six years. But the one scene that I constantly come back to is the opening titles for the feature.

This opening montage won me over with the film. Not just because it is overlaid with a kick ass Metallica song mind you. But this is visually an appealing montage with a lot of cool or downright funny images. Whether it is zombies attacking a crazed, ‘End is Nigh’ believer or a man breaking glass holding the titles; a lot of work was put into this two minute sequence. Even today I still laugh at the three legged father/son duo being chased by ZOMBIFIED contestants. How on earth that works is the big head scratcher. In general this montage perfectly showcases the humor by Writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick but also the visual eye of Director Ruben Fleischer. I feel like Zombieland doesn’t get as much love now a days especially in the zombie craze we are in right now as a nation. This came out a full year before The Walking Dead series and if this came out around the same time we’d probably have more successful outings by this creative trio. Basically these titles are the litmus test: If you love it, like me, you are gonna have a blast. If you want a more grim or serious look at zombies then this won’t be the feature for you.


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