Out and About in LA: Family Reunion

Good news! I had visitors from the family this weekend. Specifically my sister and her boyfriend since they were traveling across California. It was a pretty sweet day because I haven’t seen anyone from Jersey in two months! So, of course we painted the town red. Or at least a solid magenta.

My sister got to see my luxury, and bare, apartment.

Venice Beach

I’ve been to the boardwalk of Venice many times. But I’ve never hit the actual ocean. Gorgeous.

Somewhat shown: My rolled up pants. Why I didn’t change before leaving I’ll never know.

Jackie: Definition of Cool   

How many bowls would I need to take to get my daily amount of fiber?

Santa Monica

Stella Barra Pizzeria  

Pretty swanky place to eat Pizza…and watch the NBA Draft. 

I’m sure you can get this anywhere. But an egg on a pizza? Good stuff!  

Pepperoni on the left, sausage and goat cheese on the right. Way too much food but delicious. 

Brian, Jackie’s boyfriend, is loving the place and the beer.

Culver City

Coolhaus! Seriously, THE place to go in Culver City. Fantastic ice cream sandwiches.  

Enjoying my Coolhaus. Specifically: A scoop of Fruit Loops and Whiskey ice cream.  

See? Fruit Loops!

Just a couple of fruit loops.  

Wait. We end our night at an empty barbershop? 

Nope! We are at the Blind Barber. A real barbershop with a full bar in the back.


So concludes the visit. Can’t thank my sister and Brian enough for wanting to commit and visit me. Had a blast the whole day but still feel a bit sad I won’t be seeing them again anytime soon. But as long as I have these pictures I can remember the good times we had until we meet again.


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