Out and About in LA: UCLA

I have no plans to going back to college but why not take the opportunity to visit one of the biggest in the country? UCLA is a pretty massive area and I decided to go because they have two (free) museums. The Fowler holds various materials from India, Africa, and the Americas. Meanwhile The Hammer Museum holds modern art from European artists of the 1600s to abstract work from today. Here are some of the highlights of the campus and these two museums:

UCLA Entrance


UCLA Campus



Hammer Museum


The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh


Salome Dancing Before Herod by Gustave Moreau


King David by Gustave Moreau


Portrait of a Man Holding A Black Hat by Rembrandt van Rijn


Untitled by Sam Falls

I wonder what’s playing in the movie theater?…   (Backs away slowly)


The Fowler Museum


Hand Puppet: The Blind Scholar (China)


Headdress with Motorcycle and Rider (Africa; Benin)


Tree of Death: Factory Women by Veronica Castillo Hernandez (Mexico)


Cemetary of the Little Red Devil by Felipe Linares (Mexico)


Nef (Vienna)


Silver Ship Model (Germany)



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