Great Movie Scenes #008: The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Let’s get one thing straight: The Last Boy Scout is not a good movie. The action is pretty mediocre, the characters are generic, and overall it does not stand up to the test of time like better films of this type. Basically, it feels like this is suppose to be a parody of the action genre but it went through so many rewrites that it turned into a full-on, serious project. Even when the film tries to be funny it doesn’t really work despite Bruce Willis’s best effort. Although this is one moment that kind of sums up this picture and tickles me pink.


Yes, one of the final baddies totally gets chopped to pieces by a helicopter. It kinda comes out of no where and despite the endless gunplay this level of gore feels so out of place. It basically is a long call back earlier in the film where Willis claims he will do a jig when this person finally dies. So despite the horror that would come from seeing a man go from human body to horrifying Nickelodeon gak Willis does a terrible jig he promised. It makes me laugh every time I see it because it is such a dark joke to end on and it doesn’t really work. It is meant to be funny but it is only funny to me because how it doesn’t. If you tried to have this kind of ending today people would probably laugh in the same way. At the time though this seemed like a totally legit way to end a baddie which shows how much time has changed in twenty years. There is always a time and a place to watch a time capsule. Maybe you will get a laugh at The Last Boy Scout for just how dated it really is.


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