The Most Extreme Work Tour

So I work at an amazing place. NFL Network kindly took me in and now I am living the dream. I would LOVE to show you guys the ins and outs of the building…but for boring, “legal” reasons I can’t. But jokes on them! I can still provide an in-depth look without their permission. So without further ado…

Here’s the break room! You know what makes it amazing? Clif bars!  

See!? We got at least THREE flavors…THREE!  

And trail mix! We are all up on protein here.  

And look at that kinda state of the art coffee maker. See? It dispenses hot water!  

We also have a nice cafe. It’s closed for now but just imagine all the protein in there!  

Well at least the parking garage has a nice view…   

So I hoped you enjoyed that amazing tour of NFL Network. Please come join the family for an amazing experience and all the Clif bars you can handle!


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