Out and About in LA: Memorial Day

With the three day weekend I decided to walk around more of LA to get familiar with everything. Not all of it was impressive or even fun mind you. But it was still nice to go out and stretch those legs…Seriously though my legs are on fire.


Had to go get new oil for my car so I went to the local Ford dealer. With an hour to kill here are the highlights of what was around.

The Promenade (Note: Kinda boring when school is out and the businessss open later.)   

Such beautiful canals!….  

Hello officer!    I have no idea what Pepperdine University is known for but its a pretty sweet looking building.  Also, it’s right next to Sony who will hopefully be a potential, new employer in the coming years. 

Decided to walk some of Sunset Blvd later that night. Note to self: Not that impressive at night. In fact it is kinda scary.

Upright Citizens Brigade   The Palladium  Another potential employer! Nickelodeon looks cool at night. 


Went on the red line metro train to northern LA. Hit a few places that I’ve been too but also wanted to prove I could travel this far.


An example of artwork at the Universal City station.  Universal City (Home to NBC and Universal Studios.  Hollywood Blvd (Snake Man. They are everywhere.)  (Mall/movie theater right by the Chinese Theater)  Capped off the night by going to Westwood which is home to UCLA. It’s a nice little area especially if you are a college student. Apparently it is finals week so that’s why it was a ghost town. 


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