Out and About in LA: Movies

So this is a movie blog primarily but lately it’s been all travelogue stuff. Moving across the country will do that. So this week I decided to get back into the swing of things and partake in some films. One from a comedy standpoint and the other experiencing a big budget blockbuster.


You may recall that earlier this year I reviewed the worst film (currently) of the year in Taken 3. Before I moved to LA I learned that comedian, and all around movie lover, Doug Benson was going to ‘Interrupt’ the show near me. If you don’t know, Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption is where he and several of his comedian friends watch a movie and riff on it. It’s like MST3K or RiffTrax but more blue. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of the film in progress but I can report it was hilarious. There were character bits, good eye for crazy detail by Benson, and a runner on bagels that only makes sense if you were there.

I will certainly go back as it seems to be a monthly event. By the way this all took place at The Cinefamily. A movie theater that houses all sort of special events. Like silent movies, comedy shows, and very specific genres. Again, it seems like a cool place for a film buff like myself so don’t be surprised if you see me pop up there again.



The movie I have been waiting for is FINALLY here! Mad Max: Fury Road has been labeled as completely bonkers but undeniably fun. In fact this might be the most critically acclaimed picture of 2015 (so far). So I decided to go all out and go to the new theater called Arclight in Culver City. It’s a pretty swanky place and I wish New Jersey had seats like this! I’ll eventually have a report on the film itself and, dare I say, a return to film reviews. But for now enjoy what could be if you were in Culver with me right now.



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