Out and About in LA: Day 1

So this week I felt like traveling around some of the sights of LA before I start work. Maybe they’re all tourist traps but for me I wanna experience all of LA as much as possible. So today we go north of the city to the largest tourist traps of them all:

Hollywood Sign   
First ever wildlife I found in LA. Thankfully not a mountain lion.   

Griffith Observatory    

Views from Observatory and Sign (AKA Griffith Park AKA gorgeous stuff) 


Next Stop

Meltdown Comics (Home to Nerdist Podcasts, The Nerdmelt, and some great merchandise in general. It’s a little far from me but, God willing, I’ll be coming here frequently to purchase comics and anything else.)     

Only way to Meltdown I passed this model shoot next to a restaurant. Not TV/Film related but it was the first experience of seeing anything like this in LA. 

Scientology (This is that colossal church you may have saw in your travels or on HBO’s Going Clear doc. Wanted to take more but it felt really weird. Also, the people didn’t help as they all had this creepy smiles and matching uniforms. So not joking on that last one.)  
That’s it for today. Got much more in store for the rest of the week. Come back again tomorrow to see where else I land!


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