Out and About in Culver

Today is the first day I’m living away from my family. Pretty damn scary at first but I’m slowly, but surely getting used to it. After unpacking and making a grocery list I decided to set out and walk around the main area of Culver City. Here’s a pro tip: walking in 80+ degree weather in California is a bad idea. Regardless it was a lot of fun and here are the highlights of Culver:

Kirk Douglas Theater   
Sony Pictures (Possible, new job afterwards? Here’s hoping!)      

NFL Network & NFL.com (New job! Looking forward to seeing you guys and working my tail off.

Culver Hotel        

Culver Studios (2nd possible place to work after NFL Network?)  

City Hall 

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (Massive and gorgeous park. Seriously the views are amazing and it’s funny cause my roommate says it isn’t that big. No offense to her but, as someone  from New Jersey, this is bigger and better than any park I’ve been.)         

Culver City Park (Not the best option for a park as it’s pretty dusty. But the view, again, is amazing.)   

That’s about it for now. I got a lot of places I wanna go to these next few days. Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


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