Moving Out West: Final Round

6:30am-8:00am: Well we’re here! Had to stay at a hotel but now we can start getting situated with my new digs. First stop: Walmart….Yes I realize I drove 3,000 miles just to hit a Walmart.

8:00am: First pit stop means breakfast. Never had Starbucks breakfast but it was pretty good.

8:20am: Second pit stop in a car wash. For over 3,000 miles there is so much grim, dust, and hitchhiker blood it needed to be clean….Just uh, don’t mention about the hitchhikers.


9:00am-10:30am: There it is! The whole reason we came. What a Walmart. Three stories, an escalator for the carts, and it has everything I need. Not the cleanest of stores but hey, what Walmart is perfect?


11:30am-3:30pm: Oh boy this was a long afternoon. Met my roommate who is super sweet; should get along real well. Then it was a mad rush getting everything together and having a semi-liveable room. Think Dad might’ve had a heart attack trying to build a tv stand for me. Will miss this kind of interaction with him.


    -Room Before 

       -Room after   


     -Here are some of the highlights of my condominium in general. Finally might be able to get back into shape with an exercise room. Parents are seriously jealous how lucky I am to be here with these views.   


4:00pm-5:30pm: We went to Venice Beach before heading out! What a crazy shore. It’s a real melting pot and I cannot wait to people watch and walk the boardwalk further. And I’m not a beach person, trust me.


8:00pm: Probably the most emotional moment for me. My Dad did so much for me these last few days. The road was long and we killed ourselves mentally a few times (and physically as well). But I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for him. I couldn’t handle a road trip like this without him. I’ll miss you Dad.

So that’s it. Four days, 3000+ miles, and several hundred dollars later I am here. Cannot believe it and still won’t even as I work at my new job next week. For now it is getting settled and wandering around LA in general to get situated. Probably will go post some more to show where I am. Heck, might make this a daily series if I can. Either way I thank everyone who took the time to read this series and I love all of you.


One thought on “Moving Out West: Final Round

  1. It was so nice to you both this weekend. Your new place looks gorgeous. ..I am so excited for you, and know you are going to do Awesome! You’re a Nagle!:)

    Sincerest of good luck wishes from all us crazy Nagles….. who by the way, are just a short drive up the freeway.

    Love Your blood-related cousin, (haha… feeling bad for you for that fact. .lol)


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